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About James Thatcher

My parents ran The Boardwalk Art Gallery in Naples, FL during the 1970’s. Professional artists like Wayne Cooper, William D. Gaither, and Peter Parnall visited our home during their one person shows.


Their painting demonstrations taught me that creating is an act of faith, and that the freshness captured in a painting does not fade away. However, my artistic path ran a different course than these American realists….

James Thatcher's contemporary art is an evolving creation.  In the early 2000's Surrealist automatic drawing techniques freed me from the rigors of cabinet making.


When the 2008 financial crisis forced me from the building trades I found my way to a technical geometric expression in paintings and sculpture.  I missed the demands of cabinet making.


These days I pursue images of social justice and food insecurity after moving to the Pacific northwest.


Regardless of subject matter, this is fresh, lively artwork, unique in form and scope.  These portfolios showcase drawing skill, technical facility, and a broad knowledge of materials and processes.  


Let the surprise, delight, and power of creation be a part of your everyday life!  Purchasing James Thatcher's contemporary art for your home and work space makes a strong statement about you: 

Your values, your vision, your voice.


VALUES:  Surrounding yourself with quality, richly aesthetic, and adventurous imagery creates a vivacious and thoughtful environment for you and yours.  Why choose anything less?

VISION:  Your collection is a part of your heritage, passed on to your loved ones and their generations.  Artworks are durable goods and represent your continuing legacy.  Nearly every museum began as someone’s private collection, and private collections are regularly donated to museums for posterity and the public trust.

VOICE:  As the art works you've purchased have spoken to you they also speak to others. Visitors to your home and business are impressed by your boldness, confidence, and good taste.


Let this life of art and artwork couple with your hearth, home, and office.  Bring James Thatcher's contemporary artwork into your world as a lifestyle upgrade:  the luxury of investment quality artwork at reasonable prices.  Payment plans are available.

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